This is an information page for each of the Holy Sacraments offered by St. Michael’s Church.

Sacraments and other services


Confessions are available on Saturday morning at 10.00

 First Confession and First Holy Communion

These celebrations will be postponed until such time allows for family and friends to gather safely in our Churches; our programme sessions will also be cancelled at this time. It would be very good for parents and children to continue to use the I Belong book during this time and work through it together; this will help the children to be ready to share the sacraments when it is possible to do so.


A group of young people have now started their preparation to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation for 2023.  Please pray for them.  The programme has officially started with sessions every Wednesday evening.

Anointing and Holy Communion for the Sick

Pastoral visits to the sick and housebound will continue as they wish and as long as they are not self-isolating. This also depends on Fr Philip staying free of the virus. We can also do much on the phone, supporting each other and asking for help if necessary. If you need visits during this time of separation and isolation, please phone to ask.


We are now allowed to have Funerals in the Church again, both a Funeral Mass and a Funeral Service. There are Government limits on the numbers attending, at present the limit is 60 people; this applies to the Church and also to any refreshments you might wish to have after the Funeral.


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First Communion and First Confession



Sacrament for the Sick

Sacrament for the Dying

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